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We are a small family company that has been serving your needs for over 28 years. Our experienced, skilled and creative team will provide you with comprehensive services related to exhibition management, advertising and carpentry – from design and planning to production and execution. Our main aim is to have our customers come back to us again and again. That is why your maximum satisfaction is at the heart of our interests.

In order to satisfy any demands from our clients with good quality and in a flexible and reliable way, we decided to build our own production lines. In 2015, we bought professional machinery for the production of various kinds of advertising equipment, and in 2019, we added professional machinery for carpentry. Thanks to our own production, we can now be competitive and offer affordable prices, maximum reliability and flexibility – but most importantly, we can always be here for you, our customers.

Kind regards, Tomáš Bulavčiak

Our services

Joinery production and furniture made to measure:

Thanks to our vast experience in the area of exhibitions, which typically require high quality standards and strict production deadlines, our professional and creative team can guarantee maximum satisfaction with the result of our work. Precise workmanship and adherence to deadlines are two crucial factors that set us apart from other furniture makers. We see you, the customer, as a part of our team as well. Your individual demands are implemented into the production process – anywhere from planning to the completion of the whole project. The result of the unique combination of our professional know-how and your imagination is a comfortable environment, be it at your home or in your company.

You can trust your joiner.

Home furniture:

- Kitchen cabinets
- Built-in wardrobes
- Free-standing wardrobes
- Cupboards
- Bathroom furniture
- Living room furniture
- Children’s and students’ rooms

Company furniture:

- Offices
- Libraries
- Bars and restaurants
- Hotels
- Showrooms
- Exhibition displays




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Exhibitions: Tomáš Bulavčiak
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