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Dear friends and business associates, welcome to the company website of EB Expo. The EB Expo Company was founded in 1992 under the name EB BULAVČIAK as a physical entity for the realisation of fairs and exhibitions. The founder of the company is the now deceased, Ján Bulavčiak. We offer you our special expertise by ensuring the participation of your company at trade fairs, exhibitions, seminars and conferences, both in Slovakia and abroad. We are able to design your quality exhibit by using the latest materials and have it ready at the turn of a key, including interior fittings (furniture, presentation equipment, kitchen, flower decorations, etc.). It is our honour to prepare a dynamic representation of your products and services at a highly professional level.

Yours sincerely, Tomáš Bulavčiak.

Our services

the design of exhibition stands using the construction system Octanorm, Maxima Light, ground clearance of 2.5 meters and a superstructure up to 8 meters, wall padding in a basic white and gray display using a combination of plexi, aluminum and wood in a wide range of colours. It is suitable for the construction of exhibits, from simple to complex variations (rectangular, diagonal and curved), and also divided spaces (offices, banners, counters, showcases, railings and other structures).

exhibits in a combination of wood - plastic - aluminum design in a variety of colours, elevated illuminated flooring with carpeted surface, hardwood and parquet flooring, aluminum, walls in different designs and colours, large-format graphics, quality lighting ...

for the presentation of your company at conferences, seminars, corporate events or in commercial centers, we can prepare and produce simple exhibits, partitions, displays, posters and presentation counters.

one-sided or two-sided illuminated advertising from aluminum and plastic sheeting, suitable for both interiors and exteriors.

we are ale to produce for you indoor and outdoor information boards, display cases, signage on buildings, offices and labels for directional signs.

we can help you build a corporate identity and relationship with your customers. The range is wide, from small items for distribution to luxury brand products. Some of the most popular items include, t-shirts, hats, umbrellas, pens, calendars, key rings, lighters, bags ...

we offer short-term and long-term comprehensive stickers for your vehicles. We can cover your car entirely or only parts of it.

we offer you the custom manufacture of interiors, such as kitchen cabinets, offices, built-in cabinets, bars, restaurants, presentation premises and more. The manufacture is obviously followed by a professional assembly. We can manufacture our products from different types of wood, but also by combining wood with other materials.

these are beneficial for the visibility of your company's business. Sticker displays are digitally printed sheets which can be developed in a transparent, opaque or perforated foil, colour foil cutouts (mostly texts) and reflective sheeting.

we offer the production of advertising, directional and information signage on a variety of materials by using digital printing, graphic plotting and reflective sheeting.

advertising banners (flags) made of a flexible and durable material which are scrollable, washable and suitable for exteriors and interiors. The range and variety of banners are virtually limitless thanks to new technologies in welding. Banners are also finished and adjusted by using a metal reinforcing-mesh which enables easier installation.

we can provide for the transport of your goods and materials at home and abroad with our own fleet of vehicles, or in cooperation with reliable transport partners in order to meet customer requirements in the widest range of sectors.

do you have an advertising banner or billboard but nowhere to put it? This is why we offer the manufacture of metal or aluminum frames, racks, frames for your advertisements. Installation and set-up is also included.

we offer the production of promotional materials which range from simple business cards and flyers to extensive publications including book binding. We can the produce any materials ranging from graphic design to final print, using a variety of technologies such as offset, digital or laser printing. The most common materials include not only business cards and flyers, but also posters, beverage menus, announcements, brochures, catalogues, coupons, tickets, New Year's greetings ...

we will help you change the name of your company or logo. In other words, we will help your company get a new identity starting from the design itself all the way through to its implementation.

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